Be Race Day Ready For Your Obstacle Course Race

What To Wear

  • No cotton.. Even panties. It chafes.
  • Tight fitting clothing. Fitted tanks, t-shirts or long sleeves. You can wear a sports bra or go shirtless but your bare skin will pay for it. You can always shed layers, you can’t add what you don’t have.
  • Arm bands are a great alternative to long sleeve shirts. Just slide them down when you are hot, and pull them up when you are cold.
  • If you bring a long sleeve, bring a light-weight one that you can tie around your waist, but better yet bring one you won’t miss if you have to leave it.
  • Wear tights that cover your knees. You will be crawling and it will save the scrapes and cuts. You can wear shorts with knee socks, below the knee capri’s, or full tights.
  • Buffs and lightweight gloves are good to bring in cool temperatures. They are compact and easy to shove in a pocket, bra, or underwear. For longer races that climb up mountains these 2 items could be the difference between success and a DNF.
  • Grippy gloves if you like using gloves in a race. Garden gloves are a great cheap option.
    • Trail shoes are your best bet for obstacle course races. You often run on uneven terrain that is wet and muddy. You want to look for something light-weight and that sheds water and mud quickly.
    • You want to look for a shoe that has a fairly aggressive grip. Be careful not to go to aggressive as you do balance beams etc. and an aggressive tread can be challenging.
    • Races do not wreck good trail shoes; they will last like any other good shoe. Don’t be afraid to invest in a good shoe.
    • Fast Trax, MEC, Atmosphere all carry a wide selection of trail shoes.
    • Trail shoes also double as great winter running shoes.

Longer Distance Considerations

If you are going to be out on the course for longer than 1.5 hours I would recommend bringing a camelback or backpack of some sort for carrying water. Again, choose light-weight and compact options as you will be crawling under things and it can be cumbersome with a large backpack. Plan for the likelihood that you will be wearing it through all obstacles