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  • Episode #77: Rose Wetzel, Rea Kolbl & Alyssa Hawley Discuss Challenges, How To Stay Motivated & Offer Tips On The Upcoming Spartan World Championship!
    Rose interviews OCR athletes Rea Kolbl and Alyssa Hawley. Tune in to get up close and personal, and learn some new training tips! In this episode, you'll discover! -Tips for training pre-Spartan World Championship... -Alyssa's views on faith, sexuality and love... -Rea's tools for staying motivated and organized as an athelete and PhD student at Stanford... […]
    Obstacle Dominator
  • Episode #76: Beni Gifford, Matt B. Davis & Hunter Discuss Upcoming Tough Mudder X.
    Hunter interviews OCR athletes Beni Gifford and Matt B. Davis. Tune in for an animated discussion on Tough Mudder X! In this episode, you'll discover! -What TMX presents for the sport of OCR... -Has this addition of TMX made Tough Mudder the company to watch in 2018... -Should there be any concerns with judging... -Are there any […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #75: Margaret Schlachter And Rose Wetzel On How To Work Hard & Play Hard.
    Author and content-creator, Margaret Schlachter talks about her take on how to have a successful career in the OCR industry.  In this episode, you'll discover! -How Margaret balances writing, coaching, adventure and racing... -Margaret's current focuses in OCR... -How Margaret's ideas about competing have changed as OCR has evolved over time... -Rose and Margaret get into […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #74: World Class Coach Alex Margolin And Hunter Talk About Training, Adaptation & How To Train Right For Who You Are!
    Hunter McIntyre chats with cross fit coach Alex Margolin about the best ways to train, and how exercise has evolved over the last 30 years. In this episode you'll discover! -How both genetics and coaching play a role in athleticism... -How over time there has been a decrease in drug use in sports ... -What traits does Alex look […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #73: Yancy Culp On Surviving Cancer, Longevity, Health, OCR & More!
    Ben Greenfield and Rose Wetzel chat with Spartan Pro Athlete Yancy Culp about his journey through chemotherapy, cancer, maintaining his fitness, health and sanity, and beyond! You'll discover: -How Yancy battled cancer, and his top tactics to maintain fitness through chemotherapy... -What Yancy ate to keep himself going through all the treatments... -How to truly appreciate life without waiting […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #72: Special Listener Q&A With Rose Wetzel, Hunter McIntyre & Spartan Pro Athlete, Ryan Kent.
    Hunter McIntyre and Rose Wetzel chat with Spartan Pro Athlete Ryan Kent, and answer questions from Obstacle Dominator Podcast listeners. In this episode, you'll learn... -Tips for training and recovery... -Quality vs. Quantity when it comes to OCR training and racing... -What to expect at Broken Skull Ranch 2017... -Ryan's Three Biggest Tips for training and diet... […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #71: Hunter and "Coach T. Mud" Talk Tough Mudder, OCR, Coaching & Much More!
    In this episode, Hunter interviews Tough Mudder Coach, Kyle Railton, A.K.A. Coach T. Mud. In this episode, you learn... -How Coach T. Mud first got involved with Tough Mudder... -How Kyle came to launch a side business called Mudslingers Drywall... -Coach T. Mud's perspective on the best ways to prepare for a Tough Mudder... -What Coach T. Mud […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #70: Rose and Hunter Interview Pro 800m Runner, Phoebe Wright.
    In this episode, Rose Wetzal and Hunter McIntyre interview Phoebe Wright, elite 800m Track & Field athlete. In this episode, you learn... -How to deal with not making the Olympics... -The importance of having interests outside of competing... -How to embrace proper eating and maintain a healthy weight... -The complexities of eating disorders... -Why the 800m is a […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #69: Hunter Chats With Richard Diaz, One Of The World's Most Sought After Running Coaches.
    In this episode, Hunter McIntyre interviews Richard Diaz, one of the leading specialists in Running, Gait Analysis and VO2 Max, who trains elite athletes from around the globe. In this episode, Hunter and Richard discuss... -Who is Rich Diaz and how did he get his start in athletics... -How Richard became a world famous running and conditioning […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre
  • Episode #68: The National Champion & Poster Boy For One Of The Most Extreme Obstacle Races That Exists.
    In this episode, Ben Greenfield interviews Trever Niestrath, the national champion for the crazy bowhunting obstacle course racing competition known as "TrainToHunt". -How Trever makes and eats healthy peanut butter... -The way that Trever prepares himself for 3-5 hours of shooting in the mountains... -Trever's training protocol for hauling 100 pounds of weight straight up the side of […]
    Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre

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