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  • Season Two; Episode #24: Teenage Professional OCRer Veejay Jones
    Beni and Hunter bring on the only professional teenage OCR athlete, Veejay Jones. Veejay has been on the Spartan Pro Team and has more Spartan ELITE podiums that anyone near his age. -Veejay talks about how he actually is taking his training very lax and how that is giving him his best performances... -The kind […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #23: Hunter and Beni Chug Fireball with Matt "The Bear" Novakovich
    Matt "The Bear" Novakovich takes a break from swimming in glacier water and chasing polar bears with spears to talk about his career as a Spartan Pro team athlete and his current goal of taking on world champions in sky running: -Matt's first spartan race where he chatted with Hobie Call mid race...then beat him […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #22: Super Smart Things and Stuff with Author Ryan Keller, Yale & Cambridge Genius.
    Beni and Hunter throw up a wild card by interviewing Yale graduate and "social cognitive and affective neural science" author Ryan Keller on the concept of free will as it pertains to performance. No idea what you just read? Ya, us either. Listen in to figure out: -Where the extra push comes from (or why […]
    Hunter McIntyre, Beni Gifford, Ryan Keller
  • Season Two; Episode #21: Power Hour with Matthew Kempson
    Beni and Hunter are celebrating post Tough Mudder X Championships through a power hour (1 shot of alcohol every minute for an hour) with Matt Kempson. Heads up: if you don't feel like laughing and having a good time, don't listen to this episode. -Why Matt thought Hunter was going to fight someone at the […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #20: Genius Nutrition For Stupid People With Matthew Walrath!
    Hunter and Beni sit down with Matt Walrath to talk about TMX championships and nutrition. Matt was designing Hunter's nutrition for a time and is currently helping Beni not yet diarrhea mid-race. -You think you know about carb-loading, but Matt will paint it in terms that are so clear you'll feel like a mentally challenged […]
    Beni Gifford,Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #19: Faye Stenning, Spartan Pro Team, Point Series Leader.
    Hunter and Beni bring in a female (THAT'S right, a female) who is dominating the Spartan competitive field. Faye Stenning fills us in on: -How she got completely burnt out on racing and what she's doing now to make sure that doesn't happen again... -Hunters ironic love/hate relationship with Canada... -What Fayes plans and predictions […]
    Beni Gifford, Ben Greenfield, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #18: Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Centrowitz Jr. Shoots The Breeze With Hunter And Beni
    Hunter and Beni see Matthew at the gym they train at in Park City every week, so they decided it was time to get the gold medalist in front of the mic for a chat. You'll hear them talk about: -What its like to beat names like Mo Farah and Chris O'Hare on the track... […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #17: Top 10 Crossfit Games Athlete Tommy Hackenbrook Spills The Beans
    Tommy Hackenbrook sits down with Hunter and Beni to talk about his extremely successful career as an athlete, and where he's at now: -Tommy gives the nitty gritty facts about what the difference is between an athlete who's working hard, and an athlete who's a champion... -His reign as the winningest champion (excluding Hunter) on […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #16: BrOCR Boys Talk About The Sport With Hoont and Beni
    Jacob Bosecker and Bill Brumbach of BrOCR Media come on the show to talk about...well, brocr. We cover: -The boxing match that was supposed to go down between the bros and Matt B. Davis... -A ridiculous story by Hunter about the time he fought four Irishmen in Rome in defense of Merca (and WHY he […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #15: Orla Walsh, The Trash Talkin'ist Female We've Had.
    Dipped in honey and Mr. Mac&Cheese talk to the girl who's got the best chance of knocking the undefeated Corinna Coffin off her TMX podium, Orla Walsh. -Orla drops some major threats to her competition at the TMX champs June 8th -She talks about how being placed on the Spartan Pro team helped to bring […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre

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