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  • Season Three; Episode 30: Farewell, Sweet Bald Prince
    YES. WE KNOW IT'S BEEN AWHILE. SHUT UP. This episode has Brakken Kraker, Hunter McIntyre, Veejay Jones and Matt Kempson.   -Brakken moves out as OD co-host, this is his farewell   -Interrupted by a random call from patron saint Hoonter and rising #leanbodysorcery star Veejay Jones   -With a Matt Kempson intro chatting about […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Three; Episode 28: Alex Walker - Tahoe top 5
    Alexandra Walker had already been on our radar for awhile from her consistent podium presence in almost every race she's in, but after she placed top 5 at the Spartan World Championships when no-one even had her as a dark horse, we had to have her on. We chat about: - How a girl from […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode 27: Spartan Worlds Drama
    This episode stinks a bit of our TMZ-esque compadres (ORM) as we discuss the drama that took place online (as usual) surrounding Ryan Woods, newly re-crowned Spartan World Champ Robert Killian and bully-battling Aaron Newell...with a valuable call to action by Brakken. Head on over to Artist Organics and use the CODE: "OBDOM" for 15% […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode 26: Killian: 2019 Spartan Worlds Champ?
    With only 2 days before the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, Beni and Brakken thought they'd chat with the guy whos been trying repeat his championship winning performance since 2015, Robert Killian. They talk about... - What Robert has done differently this year to make the difference between another podium finish and a win. […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Robert Killian
  • Season Three; Episode 25: Spartan World Champs Prep
    With the Spartan World Championships a week away, Beni and Brakken thought it was a good time to talk all things Tahoe: - Final tips and tricks for the two types of athletes hitting Tahoe: the folks shooting for top 20, and the folks looking to beat the mountain - Some EXCELLENT, high level training […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode 24: RETURN OF THE HOONTER
    The bulk pony returns! Previous co-host of the show, Crossfit Games athlete with 6 OCR world titles, Hunter McIntyre "The Sheriff" comes back on to chat with his buddies Brakken and Beni and as's entertaining! -Hunter chats briefly about his Crossfit Games experience and his current struggling interest with thetype of training required to […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Three; Episode 23: Kirk Dewindt is back
    We welcome back the most handsome man in the game, Kirk Dewindt! Kirk and Brakken dive deep into the most frequent questions they receive about workouts:  - Their favorite workout for improving speed - Their go-to workouts for improving obstacle transitions - What to do race week - How to taper/peak for races and MUCH […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Kirk Dewindt
  • Season Three; Episode 22: Breaking News & World Records w/ David Watson
    World of fitness...we have a new WORLD RECORD! Set by our own co-host Brakken Kraker. Listen in for the deets. BUT, this episode is really about David Watson and the massive amount of insider info he brings to the table as the VP of Product for the biggest name in OCR; Spartan Race. We talk […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, David Watson
  • Season Three; Episode 21: Beneath the Breakout - Aaron Newell
    Aaron Newell has been all over OCR news lately, and we would be remiss to not chat about his break out race at the North American Championships (NORAM,)...but we took a turn to see who he was as a young man, and Aaron opened up. We explore: -How his violent relationship with his father drove […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode 20: Veejasimus Maximus
    It's NORAM time! Brakken is busy buffing his shiny head, so Beni shacked up in a cabin with Veejay Jones in the mountains of Stratton, Vermont. - Just hours before go time for the 3k North American Champs, Beni asks Veejay what his plans and predictions are...and he comes out swinging! - Just after finishing, […]
    Beni Gifford, Veejay Jones

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