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  • Season Two; Episode #48: The Danes (and Veejay) Are Coming
    So much in this episode! Beni has a convo with 3 of the best athletes in OCR: Veejay Jones (20 yr old on the Spartan Pro Team, undefeated in 2019), Nikolaj Dam (Denmark athlete, 5th at OCRWC 15K...beating Ryan Atkins btw) and Leon Kofoed (7th at OCRWC 3K). We cover: -Beni breaking his Spartan Race […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #47: Rebecca Ham-slice-Hammond
    Every couple of a years a new dark horse stud muffin makes their way into our growing sport of OCR. In 2018, that was Rebecca Hammond. Collegiate runner turned obstacle racer, Rebecca shocked the field by literally fumbling her way to a 2nd place in a series Spartan Race, taking down the champ of the females, […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #46: Top Hack for Recovery (CBD)
    While Hunter is busy doing silly crossfit things at Wodapalooza, sweet sweet Beni met up with Kellie Kauten, who is one of the leading experts on the newest, hottest supplements that is so good, Spartan Race immediately got in the game when it became legal. We're talking about CBD Oil. Listen in to learn about: […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #45: Bachelor Bonding with Kirk Dewindt
    Beni and Hunter (with some baxkground Mack Roesch and Matt Kempson) bring back the most eligible bachelor in OCR: Kirk Dewindt. Front pack elite racer, Kirk got his stab at fame on the TV shows Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise...ok, you get it. He's hot and single. Now he gets to be […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #44: The King of Obstacles Mack Roesch
    After a holiday hiatus from poodcasting, Hoonter and sweet sweet Beni catch up over an insult-filled reunion conversation while interviewing The King of Obstacles Mack Roesch (pronounced "rush.") They talk about: -How Beni's 101 mile weekly mileage has him looking like a hairy, Israeli squirrel-monster... -Mack's short course goals for the 2019 season... -Hunter's plan […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #43: Brakken the Kraker
    Hunter and Beni sit down the OG obstacle racer Brakken Kraker. Spartan Stadium series champ, long time obstacle racer and arguably the most well rounded athlete in our sport. We cover: -In DEPTH each person's man grooming habits... -The most ridiculous "workout of the week" story from Beni... -The funniest memories that Brakken and Hunter […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #42: Adrian Bijanada 100m World Champs
    Beni and Hunter nail down the owner of the OCR World Championship organization, Adrian Bijanada, for an interview about the release of the new 100m OCR World Championship event. They chat about... -The format, purpose and available details of the course...   -What is going on and what to do when certain race companies aren't paying […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #41:Matt Mosman: Advanced Supplements
    Beni sits down with Matt Mosman and Hoonter (kind of hoonter) to chat supplements. Matt is the CEO (Chief Endurance clever) of EndurElite, the new super hot, super sexy, super transparent supplement that is sweeping the OCR podiums. -How his product is so good, the unsponsorable (Ryan Woods) is sponsored by it... -Hoonty needs […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter MacIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #40: Richard Diaz knowledge
    Hunter and Beni find Richard Diaz (the running doctor) at a coffee shop in Squaw Valley after the Spartan World Championships and sit down to chat about: -How OCR people are more fit than most average athlete from other sports... -Rich's opinion of the Truform curved treadmills... -How "you can't win if you run like […]
    Richard Diaz, Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #39: Ian Hosek-Posek
    Ian Hosek chillaxes with Hunter and Beni in Squaw Valley CA to chat about: -How the owner of Dave's Killer bread is quite the killer... -How you can't interrupt the recording everytime someone farts (yes that's Rose Wetzel who walks by, smells the room and says "ooooh thats terrible!")... -Ian worked for Nike during their […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter MacIntyre

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