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  • Season Three; Episode 17: OD Revamps
    After a month break Beni and Brakken are back, and with quite a different look. They cover some GREAT content as well as... -WHY such a long time with no episode (and how thats related to why Beni is now missing several teeth, including one of the front ones...) -A recap of the Dallas Stadium, […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode 16: THE Savage, Yuri Force
    This episode is one of the only two times that Yuri Force (the highest performing of the most underrated athletes in the sport) has been interviewed. With over 30 (probably 40) Savage Race 1st place wins, Brakken and Beni had to chat with the guy who runs at the top WHEREVER he shows up. They […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Yuri Force
  • Season Three; Episode 15: Explore the Kraker
    It's time to get to know Brakken! The OD hosts have been wanting to open up the range of topics discussed on the podcast and thought a great way to do that would be to interview and get to know Brakken as the person he is 1st and athlete second. We chat about... -How the […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #14: Luna Lima-Bean
    HEY. OD had Johnny on the books BEFORE Big Bear, there was just a scheduling conflict...but we got him now! Beni and Brakken chat with Johnny from a suprisingly audio-friendly car situation on top of a mountain. They chat about... -The deets on Johnny's HUGE break out win against an extremely stacked field at Spartan […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #13: Corinna Coffin is BACK
    One of the biggest names of the old-gaurd in OCR, over 30 podiums at BIG races (Spartan World Championships, Battlefrog Championships) and THE TMX Female World Champion (and runner up the following year,) Corinna Coffin is BACK with a 2nd place win at the 2nd stop of the Spartan Stadion series in DC at Nationals […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #12: Bo MuziKOWski
    The Stadium Series athletes know his name, but it's time to introduce the rest of the OCR community to Bo Muzikowski. From inner city Chicago to Ivy Leaguer to Spartan Stadium Series Champion, Bo has as unique of a backstory as you'll find in our sport: - how being home schooled prepared him for endurance […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Bo Muzikowski
  • Season Three; Episode #11: Princess Leigh (Anne- Wasteney)
    Everyone knows the "old gaurd" (Lyndsey, Amelia, Rose etc,) so lets get to know one of the new girls who are coming in and consistenly nabbing podiums and top 5 places at top races, Leigh Ann Wasteney (pronounced waste-uh-knee): -Leigh's childhood being raised on a farm... -Her trifecta as a triple sport collegiate athlete... -News […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Cougar Wrastlin, Ultra Beasts and Isaiah
    Brakken and Beni decide to have a chat talking about some of the aftermath of the end of last episode where Beni brought up alot of instances of Isaiah Vidal cheating, as well as covering a wide range of topics such as: -How butt sex is alot like alcohol... -An official invite to Isaiah to […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #9: Shocking Stats and Shit Talk with Jack Bauer
    Welcome to stat city. Watch how Jack Bauer brings statistical backed facts to the realm of shit talking, showing who's hot and who's not in well as some super controversial heated arguments between Beni and Brakken at the end of the episode covering: -How (with cited sources) Isaiah Vidal is by FAR the athlete […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #8: Ginger-Spartan Infiltration
    Soon to have his huge breakthrough race (fingers crossed for Seattle Spartan tomorrow,) and runner up for the the co-host position behind Brakken, Kirk Dewindt comes on to chat about: -Beni's massage from an Asian lady that...well, we're still not sure if it was an "Asian massage." -Kirks 4:09 miles and track history... -The pro's […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Kirk Dewindt

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