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  • Season Three; Episode #9: Shocking Stats and Shit Talk with Jack Bauer
    Welcome to stat city. Watch how Jack Bauer brings statistical backed facts to the realm of shit talking, showing who's hot and who's not in well as some super controversial heated arguments between Beni and Brakken at the end of the episode covering: -How (with cited sources) Isaiah Vidal is by FAR the athlete […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #8: Ginger-Spartan Infiltration
    Soon to have his huge breakthrough race (fingers crossed for Seattle Spartan tomorrow,) and runner up for the the co-host position behind Brakken, Kirk Dewindt comes on to chat about: -Beni's massage from an Asian lady that...well, we're still not sure if it was an "Asian massage." -Kirks 4:09 miles and track history... -The pro's […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Kirk Dewindt
  • Season Three; Episode #7: March Madness: Shoe Edition
    Although Brakken and Beni skipped the train for an April fools joke, they took advantage of the March fever to bring you March Shoe Madness where they break down a bracket get the final answer on best OCR SHOE. Arguing back and forth for they're picks, they cover: -the 16 most popular OCR shoes available... […]
    Beni Gifford, Braken Krakker
  • Season Three; Episode #6: What makes Beni sweet and Brakken Bald
    Brakken and Beni spend this episode chatting with Beni and Brakken about things that Brakken and Beni think about things.  -A rant from Brakken about people (mostly the pros) beginning and ending each race with a safe padding of social media proclaimed excuses... -Beni's struggle with caring TOO much about what other people think, yet […]
    beni gifford, brakken kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #5: Real Talk with Ryan Kent
    Spartan Pro Team athlete, Drop the Hammer, Man-bun extroadinaire Ryan Kent joins Beni and Brakken today in what was supposed to be a usual interview, but then turned into the real talk episode about..well, lots of stuff: -The not so glamourous reality of being a full time professional Spartan Racer -How participating on the tv […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker, Ryan Kent
  • Season Three; Episode #4: Thomas Van Tonder: RedBull Sponsored OCR Athlete
    Speaking of people who have beat Beni, the 6'2 195 lb beast from South Africa Thomas Van Tonder chats with the OD duo today. They cover: -How he is one of the only 3 Redbull Sponsored OCR Athletes in the world... -How, contrary to popular belief, he does not regularly train with lions and giraffes... -The […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #3: Lightweight World Champ Nicole Mericle
    Last week we interviewed the male winner of the Jacksonville Spartan US Series race, this week we've got the female winner; multiple x OCR World Champion, accomplished rock climber, a Spartan Pro Team member who definitely runs faster than you...Nicole Mericle! We chat about: -Nicole's target to take down Lindsey Webster in 2019 (and how […]
    Beni Gifford, Brakken Kraker
  • Season Three; Episode #2: The Kempsons Brothers
    After his dominant breakout race in Jacksonville at the 1st event of the Spartan US Series, we had to break Ryan Kempsons OD cherry and have him (and his similarly dominant brother Matt) on to chat about: -Ryan's big win in Jacksonville against a HUGE stacked field (Atkins, Woods, Killian, DeWindt etc)... -The team feeling […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Three; Episode #1: NEW HOST...guess who?
    While Hunter's focus moves solely to Crossfit, Obstacle Dominator refocuses with a NEW host, marking the beginning of season 3 and some BIG, EXCITING changes. But who IS the new co-host to complete the sweet sweet Beni OD-partnership? -A man who has beaten EVERY name in Spartan Race (Jon Albon, Hobie Call, Ryan Atkins, Hunter […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #48: The Danes (and Veejay) Are Coming
    So much in this episode! Beni has a convo with 3 of the best athletes in OCR: Veejay Jones (20 yr old on the Spartan Pro Team, undefeated in 2019), Nikolaj Dam (Denmark athlete, 5th at OCRWC 15K...beating Ryan Atkins btw) and Leon Kofoed (7th at OCRWC 3K). We cover: -Beni breaking his Spartan Race […]
    Beni Gifford

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