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  • Season Two; Episode #38: Ryan Woods Chillin'
    Hunter and Beni wrangle short-short donning gollum Ryan Woods at the BeetElite party house in Lake Tahoe the day before Spartan World Championships, with a guest appearance from Rose Wetzel and Mack Roesch. They cover: -Ryan's racing kit (or lack thereof)... -Lyndsay Websters epic win at the Tougher Mudder Champs where she stuck around to […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter MacIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #37: OG Ben Greenfield on the OD!
    Beni, Ben and Hunter...a trio never before recorded together. This is a great when where they range all over diferent topics and get three different points of view on things like... -how the commitment of marriage is supposed to work when people are constantly changing... -where the podcast has gone... -Sheep testicles (of COURSE. Ben […]
    Ben Greenfield, Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #36: Trueform: 24 Hours Running In Darkness
    Beni and Hunter speak with Paul Koczera, the Director of Education and Training at Trueform Running, about the crazy challenge Jo Desena put on Isaiah Vidal moments before he was going to race Spartan World Champs: -How 4 athletes commited to run in cargo containers in complete darkness with no feedback on Trueform treadmills for […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #35: BROCR in Tahoe!
    Beni and Hunter nailed down an interview with the famous BROCR boys Bill and Jacob while in Tahoe. Hear about: -A whole lot of nothing... -The Whoop strap and how hunter thinks tracking bio signals is dorky... -Sexy talk about aerobic foundations... ...And much more! Get connected with BROCR: Facebook: BROCR Instagram: @BROCRMedia Want to […]
    Hunter McIntyre, Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #34: New Spartan Rankings System!
    Beni and Hunter chat with Jack Bauer, the inventor of the new Spartan Ranking system that was released by We get into the nitty gritty:   -What makes the system so accurate...   -Why Hunter was only 6th in Spartan last year when he was a dominant racer...   -Many ways that this system […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter MicIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #33: Hunter Squashes Beef With Robert Killian
      We all saw the post that Hunter made aggresively calling Robert killian a cheater on Instagram. The ensuing chaos that followed was so negative that Hunter, the king of trash talk and strong opinions, deleted his post and decided to chat with Robert man to man.    Listen in to discover:   -Does Hunter […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #32: BIG news with Yancy Culp
    Beni and Hunter sit down with premier OCR coach Yancy Culp to talk about pre-race predictions for Spartan World Championships, plans for the epic case race party, and much more: -Big news from the Alpha Warrior race series as well as the release of a NEW ranking system for Spartan... -How surviving cancer changed Yancy's […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre, Yancy Culp
  • Season Two; Episode #31: Kris Rugloski On Taking Lindsay Webster's World Titles.
    While Hunter is off busy in New York picking gum off the street with his mouth, Beni called up newcomer and UP and comer Kris Rugloski to chat about her dominance in the sport so far. Hear about: -Kris's goal to be unbeatable in the great country of Texas in 2019 (that's right, that means […]
    Beni Gifford
  • Season Two; Episode #30: Beyond Macros with Matt Walrath
    Matt Walrath is such a wealth of easily applicable knowledge on nutrition that we just had to have him back on the show for a long episode. We dive into the nitty gritty deets of nutrition for different types of athletes, as well as lots more: -Mixing carbs with protein preworkout makes carbs more bioavailable... […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre
  • Season Two; Episode #29: Coffee with Coach Kyle!
    Hailing from high in the clouds in Lake Tahoe, big hoont and Coach Kyle (aka coachtmud, mudder tarresa, theodore-mud-money, coach honeysuckle etc) ring up sweet sweet Beni to recap "Coach's Camp" where Hunter and Kyle spent the past week dirtbiking up mountain slopes, paddle boarding in the icy blue lake, slalom skiing and several other […]
    Beni Gifford, Hunter McIntyre

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